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We have been providing the finest in flight training since 1960. We pride ourselves in teaching students the art of flying safely and proficiently. Learning to fly in a taildragger will make you a more proficient pilot and help you fly any kind of airplane better.

We offer flight training for Sport Pilot, Private Pilot, Tailwheel, Aerobatics, Instrument, Commercial, CFI, ATP, Multi, and provide ground training for all. We can also accommodate insurance check-outs for most makes and models. Contact us for details.

If you wish to train faster than your regular cash flow allows, financing may be an option for you. While you will be paying finance charges, you may take fewer flights if you can fly more often without large gaps between lessons.

We have identified two organizations that specialize in financing for your flight training. They have two quite different types of operation.

Javelin Pilot Loans

Matching funds available for tuition assistance to career-oriented pilots seeking training funds!Javelin specializes in providing matching funds for your complete training right to Commercial Pilot, including Multi Engine rating is desired. They pay up to 50% of your training costs up front, and you do not have to pay anything back as long as you stay in their pilot program and your earnings are below a certain pre-agreed level.


Javelin Air Services LLC
DuPont Brandywine Center
1000 N. West Street, Suite 1200
Wilmington, Delaware 19801 USA
Office: +1 651 329-2261

General Email Inquiries:



Pilot Finance

Pilot Finance flight training loans Pilot Finance provides loans for part time flight training. They focus on the people who fly a few times a week and aim to fly recreationally. They put up an agreed amount of funding, you fly and the flight school sends invoices to Pilot Finance. You pay back interest and capital like any other loan.


Pilot Finance, Inc.
2101 Waukegan Road, Suite 101
Bannockburn, IL 60015-1836

Phone: -> (800) 667-0201
Fax: ----> (847) 267-1800
Email: -->


Other Sources of Funding

AOPA (Airplane Owners and Pilots Association) maintains a list of nationwide scholarship programs. See

Often your local flight school can also tell you about locally available programs from local pilot organizations.

Other loan sources could be from student loan providers, either government or private. Most of these are tailored to degree programs, but some lenders have created trade school loans. It is always worth asking.

Check out also Sallie Mae:

Do not forget your own bank, parents or other relatives!


Save 10% - inquire about our block rate (AT RHV ONLY) - members who purchase $500 or more prepaid non-refundable block time receive an additional credit of 10% (cash or check) or 7% (credit card) on instruction, aircraft rental and purchases of pilot supplies, books, etc.

Prices and rates are current as of July 1, 2012 and subject to change without notice. All training and rentals are subject to the terms and conditions in the Renters' Agreement.

Come and fly with us in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area of California. Our flight school facilities are located at Reid Hillview airport in San Jose (KRHV), at the south end of San Francisco Bay, and Salinas Municipal Airport in Salinas(KSNS), a few miles east of Monterey. We offer ground and flight training for sport pilot, private pilot, commercial pilot, instrument rating, CFI (certified flight instructor), tailwheel, acrobatics, and multi engine certificates and ratings.