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Training : Ground School

New Sport Pilot / Private Pilot Ground Schools Fall 2015


Monterey Tuesday and Thursday evenings 6-9pm, Start Thursday October 29th

San Jose Saturday sessions started Sept 26 and Wednesday evening sessions started Sept 2

Only $300
(books and materials not included)

You can join any time, or just attend sessions that you are interested in

$30 Drop-in for single classes

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or call the office on 408 320-9614

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Monterey - new Private/Sport Pilot Ground school started October 29th. Two evenings a week - Tuesdays and Thursdays 6-9pm

At San Jose the current session of our Saturday Sport / Private Pilot Ground School started on Saturday Sep 26, 2015. Classes are held Saturdays 9am-noon
The San Jose Wednesday stream started Sept 2, and classes are held Wednesday evenings 6-9pm.

Private and Sport Pilot Ground School at AeroDynamic Aviation flight training school san jose california

You can join the class at any point, and continue through the next session, or simply drop in for sessions that interest you.

Click on the "Buy Now" button above, call the office on (408) 320-9614 to enroll, or email

The ground school is a guided tour of the information you will need to fly safely and to pass the knowledge test. Some homework, in the form of extra reading is required. Required materials and books will be available for purchase.

Single sessions, at a cost of $30 per session. Licensed pilots who want a refresher are welcome. You can join the class at any point, and continue through the next session.

Call the office on (408) 320 9614 to enroll, or email

The schedule may be changed to account for public holidays or changes in the syllabus.

Typical Class Schedule

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8

Week 9

Week 10

Week 11

Week 12

Week 13

Week 14

Week 15


Introduction, Aircraft Structure, Principles of Flight

Aerodynamic of Flight, Flight Controls

Aircraft Systems

Flight Instruments

Flight manuals, Documents, Weight and Balance

Aircraft Performance

Airport Operations

Airspace, Air Traffic Control, Aeromedical factors

Federal Aviation Rules and regulations - FAR Part 61

Federal Aviation Rules and regulations - FAR Part 91

Weather Theory

Weather Services, Charts and briefings


Radio Navigation, Aeronatical Decision Making (ADM)

X - Country Flight Planning, review, final exam


About the Instructors

Larry Reed CFI at AeroDynamic Aviation Flight Training School San Jose San Francisco Bay Area California

Larry Reed, CFI, CFII, MEI, AGI, IGI, BS in Professional Aeronautics, Embry Riddle

Larry had his first airplane ride at six and has loved airplanes and flying since. He began flying lessons in 1964 at the Navy Memphis Flying Club, soloed in 1966 at RHV and became a CFI in 1977, also at RHV. He admits to having his taildragger skills improved by Len von Clemm who also taught him aerobatics in 1978. He taught in tail-draggers and tri-cycle geared airplanes at Amelia Reid Aviation and other flight schools since 1977.

Coby Sena AeroDynamic Flight Instructor

Coby Sena, CFI, AGI

Coby is a highly experienced pilot, instructor, and owner of her own Cessna 182. Coby also leads the Reid Hillview Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol and is a check pilot with them. She loves teaching and checking out new airplane types. Coby regularly flies really long cross country flights to points in the Caribbean. Her enthusiasm is infectious, so come out and catch the bug.

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Come and fly with us in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area of California. Our flight school facilities are located at Reid Hillview airport in San Jose (KRHV), at the south end of San Francisco Bay, and Salinas Municipal Airport in Salinas, a few miles east of Monterey. We offer ground and flight training for sport pilot, private pilot, commercial pilot, ATP, instrument rating, CFI (certified flight instructor), tailwheel, acrobatics, and multi engine certificates and ratings.