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Own Aircraft Instruction

Are you buying or building an airplane and you need flight training? Do you need a flight review (BFR) or an instrument proficiency check (IPC)? Is your insurance company asking for recurrent training? Maybe you aim to add an instrument rating, or a commercial certificate? Or maybe you would simply like to get more proficient, explore the beautiful San Francisco Bay area, or get to the next stage of the FAA Wings program.

Our instructors span a wide range of aviation experience, from tiny taildraggers to transport jets. We would be delighted to fly with you in your own airplane for proficiency training, for flight reviews or instrument proficiency checks, for additional ratings, or for insurance mandated training. Most insurance companies are familiar with us and have approved our training.

We have instructors who can give initial and recurrent training in most makes and models, antiques, warbirds, experimentals, or production airplanes. We are as comfortable with just needle, ball and airspeed as we are with modern glass cockpits.

We have a waiver allowing flight training in single throwover yoke equipped Beechcraft Bonanza and Debonair airplanes too.

We will meet with you and discuss your objectives, then design a plan to meet those objectives. For more details see our Ongoing Instruction Page.

Prerequisite: Your own airplane, suitable insurance coverage

Time: Typical flight review for a proficient pilot is 1 hr ground plus 1-2 hours flight instruction. An IPC might be an hour of ground and 2-3 hours flight time.

Cost: $69 per hour of instructor time

Prices and rates are subject to change without notice. All training and rentals are subject to the terms and conditions in the Renters' Agreement.

Minimum 24 hrs cancellation notice required or you may be charged for the missed instructor time.

Come and fly with us in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area of California. Our flight school facilities are located at Reid Hillview airport in San Jose (KRHV), at the south end of San Francisco Bay, and Salinas Municipal Airport in Salinas, a few miles east of Monterey. We offer ground and flight training for sport pilot, private pilot, commercial pilot, instrument rating, CFI (certified flight instructor), tailwheel, acrobatics, and multi engine certificates and ratings.